Wedding Season has started…..

Looking out of our shop window today you wouldn’t think it was June… but looking at the shop diary is a different story and we certainly know here at Bride & Co that the summer is in full swing!

It’s the same every year, as June starts so does our wedding season. Although weddings tend to be a little bit more spread out across the year these days – we can’t avoid the flurry of weddings in June, July, August & September. Although it comes with a lot of work – we absolutely love the buzz of the shop this time of the year.

For brides getting married this summer, it can start to all feel very real and things can get a little stressful but we are here to give you all as much support as possible and make sure your dress fits perfectly and you enjoy each & every appointment here at the shop. 


Here’s a few tips for Brides to help as the wedding day gets closer:

  • Make sure you have your bra and bridal shoes for your fitting with the seamstress.  A bra switch or change in heel height could cause your dress to fit poorly.
  • For fitting appointments it helps to bring one eagle-eyed friend or family member along for advice but too many people can stress you out more!
  • Try doing your hair in roughly the style you are planning on wearing it (we know it won’t be exactly like the wedding day!) this way you can try out your veil & any accessories to see what they will look like. 
  • Enjoy your appointments! The run up to your wedding is such an exciting and amazing experience and you need to enjoy every moment.

If you want to discuss any of your appointments or have a chat about finding your dream dress. Drop us an email at or call us on 01482 341622.