When should I shop for my dress?

We always get asked ‘when is the best time to start shopping for my wedding dress?’ and to be honest there isn’t one answer for everyone!

At Bride & Co. all of our dresses are made to order by our designers; Pronovias, Ronald Joyce, Ellis Bridal, Lillian West and Sincerity. This means that once you choose your dress your order is placed with the designer and your dress will then take around 6 months to be made. (The exact time will depend on the designer, the dress and the time of year your order is placed).

With this is mind, the ideal time to shop is around 12-14 months before your wedding. This gives a good 2-3 months to shop, around 6 months for the dress to be made and 2-3 months in the run up to your wedding for fittings, accessory shopping and final details. 

However, as you may have guessed we have brides who come in planning a wedding in 3 months and need a dress quickly and we also have very organised brides coming in 2 years before the big day. And all of these are ok! It honestly depends on the bride and individual circumstances. We can get express orders in quickly, and have sample dresses to sell off the peg if you need a dress immediately. If your super organised and want to get your dress early we store them here free of charge up until your wedding date. 

If you have any questions about your wedding dress, or what’s the best time to start shopping for yourself then give us a call and we can have a chat through your dates and details. Our bridal boutique shop number is 01482 341622.